Google FeedBurner Overview

FeedBurner Overview

Table of Contents:
a.     Introduction
b.    How to setup FeedBurner feed.
c.     Benefits of using FeedBurner.
a.     Analytics.
b.    Email subscriptions.
c.     Distribute your feed on social networks (Facebook,Twitter).

    a.    Introduction

FeedBurner is a web feed management provider launched by GOOGLE in 2004 for free of service .It provides detailed analytics report for blogs, websites to determine which content is performing best, where your audience is located, and information about traffic sources such as search engines.

   b.     How to setup FeedBurner feed

Login into FeedBurner using Google account.
STEP – 2
Now type your website/blog URL in the burn a feed text field and click next button.
STEP – 3
Again click on next button on the new page.
STEP – 4
Enter your feed title and feed address as shown below and click next.
STEP – 5
Now your feed is live. Click on next button.
STEP – 6
On the next page you will get some options. Simply check those options which you want and press next button.
STEP – 7
Now you have completed all the steps successfully. You will receive a configuration message on your screen.

    c.    Benefits of using FeedBurner

a.    Analytics

Analytics is a very powerful pack for all the web developer to track/boost their blog/website in higher level and you can turn more subscribers using this analytics.

1.     FeedBurner is used to find out how many people are reading your feed each day,
2.     Where there are coming from, what browser they are using.
3.     Click through tracking.
4.     You can download these statistics anytime as Excel or CSV formats.

b.    Email subscriptions

This option is used to build bridge between visitors and your blog/website by sending blog/website recent updates via email for free.

      Adding email subscriptions to your blog:-

c.    Distribute your feed on social networks (Facebook,Twitter).

      Social networking is the trendy way to boost your website in online very easy manner, also it is used to take your blog/website into the next level with SEO by creating backlinks for your website/blog and it is used to connect many of your visitors to your website/blog. FeedBurner is used to distribute (Autoshare) your website/blog feed on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Auto Share Blog Post On Facebook:-

RSS graffiti is used to post your blog recent updates to Facebook. Below I have provided detailed screenshot and steps to configure your blogger feed into RSS graffiti.
1.   Login into Facebook and search RSS graffiti shown below.
2.   You are taken to the RSS Graffiti dashboard.
3.   Click Add New Publishing Plan and name your publishing plan.

4.   A configuration area appears shown like below,
6.   Click the Add New button next to source.
7.   Add the address of your RSS feed (You can get feed URL it from feedburner dashboard shown like below) and click Add Source.
8.   Next pop-up window appears, allowing you to configure the RSS feed. I have selected the default selection of RSS Graffiti and it works well for most of time.Then choose your platform as Facebook.

9.   Click Save after you have configured your source RSS feed.
10.  Click Add New next to Target and select the page, publisher and post style and click save changes.
11.  Your publishing plan is finished, and your posts will start updating when you make a new blog post.

Auto Share Blog Post On Twitter:-

You can configure twitter auto share option with very 2 easy steps using FeedBurner. Below I have provided steps for configuring Auto share option for FeedBurner.

Hope I have covered all the points about FeedBurner. Please let me clarify if you have any doubt :-)


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